Saturday, November 21, 2015

Here I am at Highland Coffee, Louisville, Kentucky.  I listen to "Ring of Fire" more-folky version than original.  And I laugh...I remember an unnamed ex of mine (out of nowhere) breaking the ice upon meeting my just-senior brother:  "'Ring of Fire'- you know that song, he had to be talkin' bout Herpes, right [or was it crabs]?"  Wow!! I about lost it! He he.  The Marshalls do NOT talk about, ponder (out loud) such things.  At least, we did not then.  Just a funny example. 

'Tis the holiday season.  Here's to more talking- about all kinds of matter- more baking, more laughing, crying, the like...more making and less buying.  Looking forward to the first season back 'home' in thirteen years.